Enabling new business

CreditClick for Partners

New Payment Ecosystem


Merchants are given the opportunity to increase their conversion rates by offering loans to consumers creating instant buying power. Payment Service Providers can finally give the merchants a payment method at no cost for the merchant. The CreditClick platform makes it possible to create substantial new business in the online eCommerce world.

Payment Service Providers

Add new service offering and new recurring revenue stream

CRedit Suppliers

Enabling new channel to untapped eCommerce market

Key Benefits


Guaranteed Payments

No chargebacks, guaranteed payment


Simple Integration

Modern and straightforward APIs


No Service Charge

Zero Merchant Service Charge


European Solution

Internationally accepted solution


Instant Buying Power

Available instantly when needed


Increased Conversion

New revenue streams from new market

Easy integration


Our platform is built with the latest technologies, which allows our customers to have a painless integration process. We realise integration in days, not months. Through our modern RESTful API, we offer a future proof gateway, which connects you easily to the e-Commerce world.

API principles: REST, JSON, HTTP

API-PSP integration: Server initiated request + client redirect + notifications

API security: SSL/TLS, SHA256 signatures, API key based authentication

API complexity: As easy as connecting the merchant to the PSP

Implementation: Days of effort (not weeks) + testing

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